Book Nerds Unite

Falling In Love Is Like Reading A New Book

Sometimes people advertise themselves as one thing and then when you get deep into it you realize that they’re something completely different

Book Nerds Unite


Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, a New York Times Book Review Top Ten Book, National Book Award finalist, more than two and a half years on the New York Times bestseller list: the stunning ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE is now in paperback. Marie-Laure lives in Paris near the Museum of Natural History, where… Continue reading [★FEATURED] ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE by Anthony Doerr


OwlCrate: Comic Explosions

Hey! I'M BACK! And with this month's OwlCrate! I really liked this box (more than last month's) such awesome things! Looking for a super sidekick? why not take your new Funko POP! buddy on your next crime-fighting adventure? Owlcrate sent out 7 different characters — I got Batman, who did you get? Write down your… Continue reading OwlCrate: Comic Explosions

Book Nerds Unite

Reading: A Feast For The Senses

Reading, for me, is an extraordinarily sensory experience. Some people think that reading engages only certain senses – like sight and touch – but I disagree. Reading a book involves all your senses, which is why it can be a highly pleasurable (and addicting) experience. Sight This is quite obvious, as we need our eyes… Continue reading Reading: A Feast For The Senses