Fairyloot – Emperors & Fugitives

February Unboxing
📷 photo by the awesome @readsleepfangirl

The first item you’ll find in here is the Full Size Kalusian Sunset Candle, which was made exclusively by Happy Piranha. The candle was actually named by the author of the month, and the name will make sense after you read the book of the month!

The Rebel of the Sands Pouch was hand lettered exclusively by Alisse Courtier.

Who doesn’t love Groot? I sure do! This month Fairyloot included a Baby Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Key chain from Funko. You’ll never lose your keys with this cute key chain!

If you’re on the run through the galaxy, you’re going to need a Celestial Gunpowder Bath Bomb to keep you sparkly clean. Ok, maybe not, but it might help the whole ‘on-the-run’ thing better, right? This bath bomb is cupcake scented and was created exclusively by Bathing Beauties.

The Illuminate Quote Coaster was made exclusively by Read at Midnight, and it’s the perfect addition any home!

The lovely ladies at Till and Dill have designed the stunning exclusive Space Girl Bookmark. I love the detailing!

The stunning double sided Manon and Dorian (Throne of Glass) Art Print was exclusively made by Taratjah.

The book of the month is a sprawling space opera brought to you by Rhoda Belleza. Empress of a Thousand Skies is a fantastic combination of fantasy and sci-fi. I hope you enjoy the signed bookplate and author letter!

Bonus item: Secret Samplet, My Bookmark Discount

March Theme is…


🐉 This box is perfect for people that love myths and forgotten magical cities. If you love dragons, unicorns, nephilim, phoenixes, mermaids and tales of Gods and monsters then you will love this box!

🐉 This is Fairyloot One Year Anniversary box so it has some very special features – the box will be PURPLE!

🐉 The book is the first in a new series and it is VERY highly anticipated from a bestselling author. It will be a special UK edition that is signed by the author and will have sprayed blue pages!

🐉 This box will ship on March 23rd due to the book’s publication date, but shipping is usually very fast so it won’t be long until you receive them!

🐉 The March box is SOLD OUT! But Fairyloot may have a few more boxes available again after renewal day on March 1st – keep an eye on their social media for announcements!



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