FairyLoot ~ Mystery & Mischief

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It’s time for a mystery! FairyLoot sent out two types of Funko Mystery Mini toys and it was totally random! Did you receive Game of Thrones or Harry Potter? Who was your Mystery Mini?

They’ve got the perfect item for every bookworm’s home: a pillow case! The Exclusive Night Circus Pillow Case was designed by Risa Rodil. The quote featured is from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

This month they partnered with the very talented Heather at Meraki Candles. The Exclusive Come Back Yesterday Candle is themed after the book of the month and they actually asked the author to name it! How cool is that?

Anissa decided to include another fun hardcover book: How To Think Like Sherlock by Daniel Smith. This fun book will help any Sherlock fan improve their deduction skills!

Oh Panda Eyes worked really hard to hand-make the gorgeous Exclusive Rose Necklace included in this month’s box. You’ll understand the significance of roses after you read this month’s book.

Read At Midnight designed the Exclusive Alice in Wonderland Bookmark. It’s double printed with triple paper!

The book FairyLoot is featuring this month is a magical story brought to you by Stephanie Garber. Caraval is whimsical and enchanting. It promises mystery and romance and is full of twists. Make sure you take a look under the dust jacket too, because there are 4 possible covers (it’s totally random which you receive!) Along with the book you have a signed bookplate, author letter, bookmark and post card.

Bonus items: Alchemists of Loom bookmark, Passenger notebook and Jackaby free chapter download code postcard.

Theme of February Box is: EMPERORS & FUGITIVES

💣 What if you were an empress of the galaxy on the run, how well would you fare? What if the stakes were really high, would you do what needs to be done? Could you handle the twists and turns? In a world of magic and betrayal, you better be ready…

💣 This box features SIX awesome items, most of which are exclusive! If you’re a fan of Rebel of the Sands,fairyloot-feb Guardians of the Galaxy (who doesn’t love Groot?!), Illuminae and general rebelliousness then you are going to love this box.

💣 The February box will feature a FULL SIZE exclusive candle from HappyPiranha. This is the first time they’ve ever included a full size candle in theirbox! It has a 35 hour burn time and it smells amazing.

💣 The book featured is an incredibly fast-paced read that will have your blood pumping… Think Arya Stark in space! If you’ve never been into space books don’t worry – this is the perfect blend of fantasy and space that is not to be missed! It will also come with a signed bookplate and lots of other goodies.

💣 FairyLoot always have a limited amount of boxes every month, so make sure you grab yours soon!


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