Frostblood by Elly Blake

frostbloodSeventeen-year-old Ruby Otrera lives in a world where fire and ice are mortal enemies. Ruby is one of the last firebloods, second-class citizens of the kingdom of Tempesia. There, the ruling frostbloods are determined to locate and destroy all remaining firebloods in the realm. Ruby lives with her mother in a remote village, hiding her unpredictable powers of heat and flame. After the king’s soldiers raid her small village and drag Ruby to prison, though, she is set on a dangerous and unexpected path. Blake’s debut fantasy novel is a familiar tale about a young woman finding her way in a troubled and prejudiced world. With a few allies, including frost-wielding monks and a mysterious and irresistible masked warrior, the heroine becomes the key to a rebel plot to assassinate the king.

Frostblood by Elly Blake

Series: Frostblood Saga

My Rating: 3/5 stars

Status: Read from January 17 to 23, 2017

Format: Hardcover, 376 pages

Source: Uppercase Box

I went into this book with a little hesitation because it sounded similar to a lot of other YA books I’ve read recently. Thankfully, once I started reading it I found the author really took the story and made it her own. It was fast-paced, had a lot of world-building woven through the story, and had great characters.

Every time I thought I could guess where the plot was going next, I was wrong. The author subverted many of my expectations through the inclusion of some unexpected scenes. Training of the chosen one is usually glossed over, however Ruby’s training (and her struggles with it) is actually one of the best parts of this book. There was an excellent balance of action and quieter scenes and, while I was left with some questions, the world-building was done quite well.

I would highly recommend this book to others. It is a fantastic story that is filled with excitement. I am really very excited about the fact that this is the beginning of a new series. I will definitely be reading the next book in this series just as soon as I can get my hands on a copy.


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