Book Review

Night World by L.J. Smith

night-worldThe pain was something Poppy couldn’t ignore. The diagnosis was death. There was no hope — until James appeared in the darkened hospital room. James, her best friend and secret love, the most handsome boy in El Camino High. But this was a James she didn’t know, menacing yet irresistible as he offered Poppy the gift of eternal life. Only he could open the door to the Night World, and spirit her into its lonely, secret universe. One dizzying kiss and she can see into his soul. She finds that he has always loved her. They’re soulmates — but can she follow him into death and beyond? It’s a desperate choice, and Poppy’s time is running out…

Night World by L.J. Smith             Original Title: Secret Vampire

Series: Night World #1                   Format: Hardcover, 256 pgs

Status: Read from December 20, 2016 to January 07, 2017

In this book, we are introduced to the Night World which is a secret society made up of all the creatures humans cannot know about, vampires, witches, werewolves, and shapeshifters. They have all bonded together to keep their existence secret from humans and they have certain rules about it, most importantly do not tell humans they exist and do not fall in love with humans.

We meet Poppy the main character in this book as she is starting to fall ill. We quickly learn she is diagnosed with a form of cancer that is both incurable and painful. I thought this was a very interesting choice of a plot from the author. This is juvenile literature and few books start off telling you the heroine is going to die painfully.

We soon learn that there are two types of vampires, bitten ones we would consider normal vampires and the lamia, who are vampires who are born from lamia parents who are themselves vampires, they can have kids and can age and stop aging when they want to which is how James is a vampire.

He, of course, changes Poppy to a bitten vampire to save her life. What I liked about this book is that while it is a romantic vampire book it is very different than the usual one.
Smith does not make the characters heroic or romantic, they are not brooding like in Twilight and other books. She has made her characters into more well-rounded and believable characters and not the noble ones we are used to.

James has more layers as a person than just being a vampire and it added to the story. I do recommend this book to others. The only thing I did not like was that it is very short and the ending feels rushed and abrupt.

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